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We're so excited to have you experience the Model Meals difference. First-time customers, get $25 off your first order of $60 in meals using discount code FIRSTMEALS.

Gift Deliciously With A Model Meals Gift Cards

Gift Deliciously with Model Meals

Gifting Made Easy, Time-Saving, and Delicious

Give a gift that really does keep on giving- a Model Meals Gift Card! With rotating weekly menus packed with Whole30 Approved meals, it's the perfect fit for the foodie, health enthusiast, or bio-hacker in your life. Help you or someone you love reduce stress and say goodbye to reading confusing food labels when you make the smart decision to leave the meal prep to us. Whether Whole30 rookie or seasoned vet, Model Meals is the perfect solution to the anxiety and overwhelm that can sometimes come along with making the decision to try something new. We innovate in the kitchen while you can use your extra time and energy to transform from the inside out. What better way to ring in the new year with the desire and dedication to making 2020 the Year of You with some help from Model Meals!

Find the Value That's The Perfect Fit

$50 Gift Card

Give time-saving and deliciously with the item that always is the right size. This value can get that special coworker, friend, relative, or loved one out of their comfort zone and into a new experience of eating cleaner and simpler. Gift Easier

$100 Gift Card

Shop Whole30 with Model Meals

 With a $100 value, introduce yourself or someone you care about to the ease and simplicity of Model Meals! Perfect for a work-weeks worth of food and Paleo snacks, this gift card is sure to please. Shop Now

$150 Gift Card

Get Closer to Your Whole30 GoalsEnjoy giving, or getting, more than a weeks worth of lunches to help reduce stress, save time, and take the guesswork out of eating healthy. Beat food boredom with this gift that everyone will love. Get Card

$200 Gift Card

Meal Prep Made Easy with Model Meals
Let Model Meals simplify meal times by taking the stress out of eating Whole30. Use the value all at once on Whole30 favorites or spread it out over time, either way you'll be saving hours in the grocery store, wasted ingredients, and mountains of dishes. Simplify Now

Create Your Own!

Create The Perfect Gift With Model Meals
We can create the perfect value- just for you! Whether you're looking for a 90-meal Whole30 experience or simply want to purchase lunches for a month, our Customer Service Team is here to help make you and a loved one's holiday dreams a reality. Simply Contact Us to see how we can create the perfect value just for you!

Ready to Let Us Handle Meal Prep?

So are we! We've got our recipes ready, shopping lists made, and drivers set to deliver our Whole30 Approved meals right to home, work, or hotel. Register Here so you'll get an email when each menu is ready so you can start choosing your Whole30 favorites each week before they sell out. What are you waiting for? Join us and let's get set for an amazing 2020!