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This Week In The Model Meals Kitchen

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Have you ever thought about the journey your box made in order to land on your doorstep? It takes a small village to make Model Meals run smoothly, and every member of our team is triple-checking to make sure your food is beautiful, delicious and perfectly portioned before it makes it to your house. Once you hit that "order" button, our logistics manager coordinates with the farmer, butcher, and vendors to get the exact amount of ingredients for minimal waste. Then, the kitchen team starts cooking up the ingredients for your weekly meals and uses as many parts of the ingredient as possible. Next, our portion team weighs each component, assembles the meal in your compostable container, and expertly organizes the meal into our walk-in fridge (trust me, fridge organization is an art form!). Finally, our packing team individually takes your order, packs it in a box (we even recycle those that are in good condition!) with ice to keep it cold on its journey, then kiss it goodbye with a tear in our eye as our delivery drivers take it to your doorstep. These meals grow up so fast, it's hard to say goodbye! We are very proud of every meal we make and so grateful you choose us to feed you week after week. And as you can see here, we take clean eating very seriously at Model Meals, but that doesn't mean we can't have a good time while doing it!

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