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This Week in the Model Meals Kitchen

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It was another busy week in the kitchen and we're having the best time. We've been growing our own organic micro greens from Urban Produce that we cut and use in our meals or as garnish. It's a pretty cool thing to grow your own food and it makes us have big dreams about how we could take this method further in the future. 
Camille and I headed to Los Angeles for the morning for a workout with Jeanette Ogden of ShutTheKaleUp at PlateFit Brentwood. It was a great workout and was followed with a healthy lunch at Erewhon Market Venice. That is our kind of place. We made it back to the Model Meals kitchen just in time for Family Meal and my boyfriend surprised me with a 30th Birthday Cake for the whole team. There is no where I'd rather be then with this hard-working and loving team while I rang in my next decade. We also had the opportunity to celebrate together outside the kitchen on Sunday at my "Not-So-Dirty 30" surrounded by some of my favorite wellness brands and people. It was a weekend for the books and I can't wait to see everything that happens in this next year! Thank you for all your support.

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