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This Week in the Model Meals Kitchen

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Summertime happiness is in full swing at the Model Meals kitchen. And while some team members are away at weddings, new teammates are keeping their spots warm and helping out. This week we welcomed Amy, a recent Atlanta transplant, to our Saturday packing team. We offered free delivery this week and had a big jump in orders. More to make, more to pack, more to love.
Our saucier, Chef Paul Barbosa, created a sugar-free House Sriracha and it was met with great delight. He sure knows how to spice things up in the kitchen. We had lots of leafy organic greens all over the menu so we know you're feeling fresh to death this week as a result. 
And of course there's the big news of our San Francisco Bay Area launch. Tell all your friends and make sure they sign up on our Bay Area Welcome Page so they don't miss the first NorCal menu in just a few weeks.

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