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This Week in the Model Meals Kitchen

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We had a special visitor in the Model Meals kitchen this week! San Diego-based Holistic Nutritionist, Lindsey Surowitz stopped by to hang out with the team and to help us pack this week's Recipe of the Week. Lindsey left her job in insurance after creating a health challenge for co-workers and seeing how much she could help others regain their wellness. Lindsey and I got deep in conversation about all things wellness. Not just about clean food, but the importance of sleep, stress, self-talk, and all the things that go into a happy and healthy life. We bonded over our mutual belief that calories are not a very good way to determine the quality of your meal, and how we both share the benefits of healthy fats with our fat-phobic society. Fat sure has gotten a bad rap! I always love getting to know other passionate, kind, and wellness-focused individuals and we're really excited about all the potential collaboration between Lindsey and the Model Meals squad. 

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