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This Week in the Model Meals Kitchen

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We had a full work load and a small crew this weekend but we managed to get it all done while Chef Paul was away at Coachella wearing flower crowns and we were here swingin' sausages all over the place. Actually, come to think of it, Paul was probably doing that too. I digress.
We had some great new dishes this week in addition to our tried and true favorites. The Shrimp and Sausage Cauliflower Paella was fabulous. As I sit here typing this and eating my Brussels Caesar with Wild Rockfish (that expired yesterday but YOLO), I am feeling really great about all the positive changes we've been making as we grow this business. We just received a compliment from another food maker in our shared kitchen who said "everyone on your team is always so happy". And that makes me happy. Almost as happy as expired fish. Bye. 

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