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This Week in the Model Meals Kitchen

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We've had some transition the last few weeks in the Model Meals kitchen and we're so excited to have two of our OG chefs, Tony and Paul, stepping up to build menus and run the show. They've already brought some great new ideas and recipes to the business and we're really excited to see how this partnership translates in our meals. We have a strong focus on perfecting your favorite regular dishes while still providing creative new flavors made with seasonal produce.
While the team was busy in the kitchen, Danika and Janell had the privilege of speaking with a group of high school women about passion-driven business. The girls' high school in Colorado has a business program and one of the perks was the trip to California to learn from other women in business. Danika discussed how Model Meals was born from her struggle and passion for food, and Janell spoke about her transition from her work as an aesthetician, helping people with their outer beauty, to following her love for healthy food and helping people feel beautiful from the inside out at Model Meals. 
Thanks for another great week!

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