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Q&A with Patter from patterbar

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In our quest to bring you the best Add-On options for your weekly order, we proudly bring you patterbar! This whole food bar is absolutely delicious and is made with only the cleanest sourced ingredients. Here we get the inside scoop from Patter, the female creative force behind patterbar. Get ready to fall in love with these bars and the story behind them.

Introducing: patterbar

Model Meals Blog | Introducing patterbar

Patter, what is your background and how did you come to start patterbar?

My whole life is about food; it always has been. I've found that food has an extraordinary way of bringing people together and it has been my life's work. I'm one of eight children and the wooden table that we ate together at sits in my kitchen today. When I was raising my own family, the kitchen was the center of our home. I studied Public Policy at Columbia University- when we relocated to London, my husband encouraged me to turn what he always knew was my passion into a career: the culinary arts. After training at Le Cordon Bleu, I went on to teach cooking classes at William Sonoma and then for my neighbors and friends out of my home in Boston. My passion to educate was solidified as a staff educator at Whole Foods. Food has been such a gift in my life and I am compelled to share that with as many people as I am able. Food should be simple. I believe in using only the best ingredients, treating them with the respect that they deserve, and then sharing them with the people that I love. It's always been my dream to make great food accessible to everyone and patterbar is just the beginning of that.

What is your company’s philosophy?

By foodies, for everyone. I have been fortunate enough to dedicate my life to the pursuit of excellence in the culinary arts. With patterbar, I hope to bring every person that indulges, nourishment and joy. First and foremost, we believe in real, whole food. I am unwilling to compromise with my ingredients- I want only the best. The market for energy bars is over-saturated but we aren't an energy bar- we believe that food shouldn't just be fuel, it should be as much about exciting and nourishing your spirit, as it should be about satisfying your senses. It has brought me so much joy and I hope that people can taste that.

We know you’re all about the ingredients. Tell us more about what goes into your bars.

Years and years of obsession, work, experience, and sourcing. These are simply real, whole food bars. We have no business eating isolates and isotopes. If your grandmother wouldn't recognize an ingredient, we won't use it. I am extremely particular and it's been very challenging to find what I want, but the ingredients are everything. The only place I was able to find dried, unsweetened tart cherries and blueberries is Michigan, so we have them shipped. I grew up there. They’re so delicious on their own- no added sugar, juice, or oil- just pure, essential berry. I use unsulphured, unsweetened coconut. I hand pit my own Medjool dates.  I roast all of my own nuts because pre-roasted nuts lose both freshness and flavor. I juice my own lemons and grate my own ginger. patterbars are as much about nutrition and offering people a healthful option as they are about exceptional taste.

Model Meals Blog | patterbar - blueberry bar

How are your bars made?

Our bars are handcrafted in small batches in Denver, CO. After producing them out of my own kitchen for the Cherry Creek Farmer’s Market, the response was incredible and overwhelming. It’s hard to express the excitement and the enthusiasm that surrounded patterbars from the very beginning. People want real food with real flavor. The only way to do that is to do it by hand. I spend my days in the kitchen with my extraordinary staff. We do everything ourselves- roast, grate, chop, cut, package- all of it.

What do you envision in the future for patterbar?

We hope to continue to spread our message: that food should be at once delicious and sustaining, and accessible to everyone. I want to help people understand that real food, lovingly and thoughtfully crafted, tastes better and is better for your body. It is a way of life; a way to connect with the world at large. Good food brings people together. It’s bigger than the bar!

Any exciting new flavors we can look forward to soon?

Stay tuned- R&D (Patter) is in full swing!

Model Meals Blog | patterbar - whole30 snack

Now that you've had the chance to learn more from Patter about her amazing patterbars, it's time to try them out yourself! You can find them in our add-on section for both Sunday and Wednesday menus. Make sure to leave a comment below to let us know what you think!

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