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Meet Erin, Our Content Marketing Specialist

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When Erin Gillespie won our September Whole30 contest, she also won us over. Not only did she beautifully share her Whole30 journey with our audience, she was also the perfect fit for our new Content Marketing Specialist role. We are THRILLED to have her on board as an official Model Meals team member and a face of the company on social media. We know you guys are going to love her dispatches from the kitchen and beyond.

Model Meals Blog | Erin Gillespie

Ready to get to know her a little better? Of course you are. Read on!

So how did Erin come to Model Meals, and specifically the Whole30? “I met a friend doing a Whole30, and was very skeptical,” she says. “I thought it sounded like a trendy new diet. But the more I heard about my friend’s experience, the more I wanted to learn about it.” Soon enough, Erin was seeing posts from bloggers, influencers, and even Model Meals and our CEO, Danika Brysha, on social media. She related to the posts she was seeing, mostly through a desire to grow and develop her relationship with food.

That same friend who had done a Whole30 encouraged Erin to enter our September contest. “I really was in a place of hardship financially, and this was both a necessity and curiosity,” she explains. “I wasn’t feeling great emotionally, and the self-care aspect of the Whole30 was perfect timing.” It was her honest approach and genuine personality that caught our attention in the application process, and she was named the winner of our contest! We followed along as she totally nailed the Whole30 and found that our audience really connected with her.

Model Meals Blog | Whole30 Winner Erin Gillespie

As luck would have it, Erin has worked in the social media and marketing realm through customer service and client relations for the last six years. She actually comes from an artistic background, and even studied jewelry design. More recently, she’s been in strategic and corporate communications, and has experience in messaging around health and wellness.

Not only did Erin have the work chops to own this marketing position, she just gets it. This girl totally believes in our mission to build an inclusive, informative community here at Model Meals.

Model Meals Blog | Marketing Specialist - Erin Gillespie

If you read Erin’s blog post about her Whole30 experience (click here to catch up), you know it was a totally life-changing experience for her. For Erin, doing the Model Meals Whole30 and facing some of the fears and apprehensions around it really drove home that to in order get anywhere, you first have to start.

She puts it perfectly: “Sometimes starting can be the hardest and scariest thing you can do. However, everyone who is old, was once new. When we start on these different journeys, we have to be ok with those unknown steps along the way. Being able to walk through that fear and knowing you’re not alone is really beautiful. To me, that’s what Model Meals and the Whole30 community are all about.”

Model Meals Blog | Welcome to the team Erin

We couldn’t agree more, and can’t wait for Erin to share her story and tons of behind-the-scenes moments with you guys. Follow along with her in the Model Meals kitchen on Instagram, and stay tuned for more updates on the blog, in your inbox, and more as she takes on this role.

Welcome to Model Meals, Erin!

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