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Micro-Habits for Macro-Changes By Danika Brysha

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I have changed my entire life by adapting to and incorporating micro-habits. Micro-habits are based on the simple idea that when we are good at something, we keep doing it. By implementing small commitments that are nearly impossible to miss, we feel empowered to keep going and gradually change a habit overtime. 

How To Create A Micro-Habit

The general idea is to create a habit that you do at least ‘X’ times a day. I like to encourage starting at something that takes five minutes or less. I know it feels like a short amount of time, but I promise you on days when things get busy, you will be grateful. This can look like walking outside for 5 minutes everyday, or drinking 5 glasses of water. 

3 Model Meals Inspired Micro-Habits To Implement Into Your Everyday

  1. Sit down and eat with no distractions for 1 meal each day
  2. Put your fork down between each bite at dinner
  3. Take 5 minutes in the morning to plan what you are going to eat for the day

Model Meals Danika Brysha


By setting ourselves up for success, we motivate ourselves to keep going. I hope this helps you feel inspired to implement micro-habits to make changes from a place of self-love. If you are looking for more tips, feel free to follow me @danikabrysha or check out Self-Care Society where we have classes and resources dedicated to implementing micro-habits.

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