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Be Your Own Valentine: Self-Care Edition

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With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we're here to remind you that while this day of love is certainly about others, it's also about being able to show the love to ourselves as well! That's why we've teamed up with sisters Morgan and Taylor Patterson of @mylkandt to share their morning routines and tips about self-care that you can take and make your own. 


Residing each in Minneapolis and San Diego, Morgan and Taylor are sisters with a passion for food, recipe development, and totally 'grammable meals. Living far away from one another and running an Instagram account isn't always easy, but these sisters are all about sharing their finds at home and as they travel, not to mention amazing and healthy recipes that are easy to create at home. Between being on the go and creating time to fill their cups through self-care during the week, these two sisters have created a weekly flow that's perfect for showing your mind, body, and spirit some love. 

It might seem daunting and impossible to focus on “me time” in the morning, however, we’re here to tell you that it’s doable, it’s okay, and it’s completely worth it.

 Morgan and Taylor of @mylkandt

Hey! We’re Morgan & Taylor Patterson! We’re sisters with a passion for food and making & sharing healthyish eats. We’re excited to share our self- care and morning routines with you.

This scenario might sound familiar- Your alarm goes off and you have two options: snooze and let your morning slowly pass by until all of a sudden you’re about to be late and the stress is REAL, or jump into a morning routine focused on YOU and self-care. We’ll take the second option and we hope you will too.

While it might seem daunting and impossible to focus on “me time” in the morning, however, we’re here to tell you that it’s doable, it’s okay, and it’s completely worth it. Personally, we love the mornings and the opportunity that is presents us with each day- a time to reflect on the present and what's in the near future. Has it always been this way? No way! Our morning routines have evolved to include more self- care practices and time for ourselves. We’ve noticed our days start off on a better foot with less stress, a clearer mind, and fueled for a great day.

Why a Morning Routine is Important 

    • It’s something to look forward to the night before and when you wake up.
    • Sets your day up for success
    • Allows for sacred quiet time to focus on bringing your best self to the world around you.
    • Review your schedule for the day (and week) to prep accordingly.

The sisters of @mylkandt

Below, we're sharing our morning routines with some self-care and tips included. This can be a great place to start and draw inspiration from. Feel free to take ours and make it your own!


Prioritize, budget, and schedule time for healthy movement

  • 5:30am: M/W/Fri it’s time to get ready for a work out
    • Self-care: Yoga sculpt is one of my favorite things to do for myself. I prioritize it in my budget & my sleep habits because I know how good it makes me feel to start my day off with a little yoga and a little sweat. I also practice self care by only doing the early am workouts 3 times a week. I like to give myself a few days each week to sleep in a bit and give my body time to rest. It’s all about balance! 
    • Tip: I always lay my workout clothes out the night before and have my bag packed & ready so all I have to do is grab and go in the morning.

Find your flow and rhythm with each routine step

    • Post workout/wake up
      • Self-care: I like to drink a glass of green juice or warm water + lemon while I prep my coffee. I love the rhythm of making a cup of coffee with my french press and I make sure I plan my routine out in the morning so that there’s time to do this. I also love adding a scoop of collagen to my coffee - it’s flavorless and has so many benefits (healthier hair/skin/nails and helps heal your gut). I also take a probiotic every day - this is crucial for me to keep my system regular and has helped ease my IBS symptoms so much. Identifying what works best for you to help your body operate at its best is the ultimate form of self care! 
      • Tip: Try starting your routine on a weekend - you won’t be stressed about trying to make it to work on time and can get a better feel for how long it will take you to accomplish everything you want to in the morning!

    Set items out the night before that you know you'll need

    • Getting out the door 
      • Self-care: To me, the ultimate gift of self care to yourself in the morning is eliminating any unnecessary stress. In my world, this means having my breakfast, lunch, and snacks prepped the night before so that in the morning I grab them, throw them in my reusable lunch box, and head on out the door.
      • Tip: Prep your food or snacks at least the night before if not on the weekend (all hail the mighty meal prep).

    Drool-worthy meals from @mylkandt


    Start with a type of meditation that serves you: moving or still

    • 6am: Wake up and get ready for a run or workout
      • Self-care: Take time for yourself whether that is working out, meditating, journaling, reading, etc. I find that running is my favorite form of meditation and allows for “me time” early in the day.
      • Tip: Lay your workout clothes out the night before so all you have to do is hop out of bed & get ready!

    Love your gut and your skin with supplements for inside and out

    • Post workout
      • Self-care: drink green juice (replenish nutrients & hydrate) and take a probiotic. Gut health is important and I’ve found that consuming these products daily has helped lower my stress & keeps my gut healthy! Post-shower: I love having my favorite skincare products lined up & ready: Cocokind rose water, glow essence, chia facial oil, highlighters, Coola bb cream sunscreen.
      • Tip: Leave a blender bottle with scoop of green juice out the night before so all you have to do is add water to your bottle!

    Fuel up with a breakfast that's filling and delicious

    • Make breakfast and/or get prepped meals together for the day
      • Self-care: I love this quiet time for me to nourish myself or pack items to eat throughout the day. My breakfast menu options typically include stovetop oatmeal, chia flax “oatmeal”, coconut yogurt with nut butter and fruit, or eggs. These are all easily portable if you have to eat on the go.
      • Tip: Prep oatmeal, hot pudding, coconut yogurt parfait, or hard boiled eggs for the week. Also, add collagen into oatmeal or hot pudding for more protein- you can’t taste it! Model Meals is another amazing option that will save you time (aka more time for YOU in the morning!), have you feeling your best, and the meals are delicious.

    We hope that our own routines have inspired you to establish or improve upon your own morning routine to implement more self-care. If it has, tag us on social media so we can share and make sure to follow along with us on Instagram @mylkandt.


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