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5 Ways to Prepare Your Mindset for Whole30

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Model Meals is a Whole30 Approved Meal Delivery ServiceWith Whole30 Certified Coach, Jaclyn Sanguinetti


Whole30 Certified Coach, Jaclyn SanguinettiA Certified Whole30 Coach since 2018, Jaclyn Sanguinetti not only approaches her clients with their physical goals in mind, but with mental and emotional goals as well. Realizing that while we can cook meals, buy all the right groceries, and clean out our cupboards to prepare for a Whole30, we often forget that there's a mental component to taking on a major change as important as what we put in our bodies. This is why Coach Jaclyn is sharing these five actionable tips for getting your mind right for Whole30. Use these suggestions to prepare your mind, focus on your goal, and set yourself up for Whole30 success!


How to Get Your Mind Right for Whole30 

We have all been there before: We're in the first week or weeks leading up to our new lifestyle and we buy all the supplies- books, gadgets, food, you name it, to prepare. We research and plan, making sure all the physical stuff is in place but, we often forget to prepare the one thing that matters the most: our minds. Suddenly we find ourselves a few days into our journey and the self-defeating thoughts start. We start to feel overwhelmed and second guess this new shift. Some of those thoughts might go something like this: "Oh no. WTF have I done? This is too hard! This is why I always fail. I am just destined to have this life. Poor me." Sound familiar? We know it can be tough!

That brings us to a couple of great questions: what can we do to keep ourselves on track when we feel really overwhelmed with a lifestyle change or shift? How can we train our brains for success? To create sustainable change, we cannot forget how important our minds are in sustaining that change so, here are a few of my favorite tips for how to get your mind right.

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1. It's all about that GRACE

     When we embark on a journey to learn new things we have to make sure to give ourselves the compassion and grace we would give a friend or loved one if we were teaching them something new. Be gentle with yourself. We didn't decide that we needed a change overnight. You maybe undoing years of programming that requires a lot of work and self-awareness. You decided you love yourselves enough to try, so congratulations! You are already showing yourself grace right there. 


    2. Do the best YOU can

    Coach Jaclyn with one of her fave resources for Whole30Comparison is the thief of all joy, and yet we have all been there. You think you are doing pretty good in life and then you see someone else do more than you, what you want to do or what you believe you cannot do and it changes everything. This is no different during a Whole30. It is super easy to scroll IG and see tons of perfectly packed lunches, meal planning templates, and cookbook-worthy photos that would make even the most secure person question themselves, but if there is one thing Whole30 has taught me it's to stay in your own lane and do your personal best. Not everything you do is going to be identical to anyone and that is ok. Maybe you have to have a snack because of your work hours, or need to order Whole30 compliant pre-made meals to get you by. Do whatever you have to do. As long as you know you are doing your best, that's all that matters. 


    3. Focus on one thing at a time

    Now I understand that taking one thing at a time seems a little challenging during a plan like Whole30 because it's obviously a lot of changes from day one and I'm sure you feel like you are doing allllll of the things. That's why I would advise Whole30 being your "one thing" for January. So many times we hit the ground running with all the changes we want to make. We want to drink more water, read a book a week, hit the gym daily, start meditation- the list goes on. But then we end up getting so overwhelmed that we do none of it. My advice for January is make Whole30 your one thing but also grab a notebook and make a list of habits that you would  love to change and just do a brain dump and leave them there. You can pick those up later. Some examples maybe no food late at night, get movement in daily, go to bed at a reasonable time, eat more veggies, start exercising, etc. Some of  these things may naturally unfold during the 30 days, but the ones that don't you can re-visit after you have completed Whole30. The really cool thing about this is that 30 days from now you will feel so empowered and so accomplished that that list will seem SO doable. You can slowly start to crush each goal one by one!

     Write that ish down!

    4. Find your WHY

     I cannot stress enough how important and critical this piece of the puzzle is to your success! Make a list of all the reasons why you want to make this change. And when I say all the reasons, I mean ALL of them! Spare me the shallow “I want to be as skinny as I was in high school,” and really go deeper than that. What's behind that desire that goes beyond the outer appearance? Do you want to be confident in your clothes? Avoid the doctor and medicine? Sleep better? Get rid of skin issues, inflammation, reduce the pain you're having, help your anxiety or depression? Ok! Now we are getting somewhere. Feel sexy again, play with your kids, be around for grandkids? Dig deep people! Make a list of what matters to you most and keep it! Reference this list when you're struggling. It's really hard to give up when you think about your children or having to go to the doctor for the same reason again when you have made zero effort to change. I promise you that focusing on WHY you're making these changes will be a huge game changer.  


    5. Shift your mindset to believe you already have conquered this

    One way to do this is through affirmations. Take the list you made above and write "I am" statements or affirmations on Post-its. Place them where you can see them and let them be your daily dose of why you chose to do  the Whole30. Changing your mind to believe you not only CAN do this but WILL is because your affirmations say you have already done it and all you need to do is make it so with your continued action.

    Some examples would be: I am strong. My strength is increasing daily. I am glowing from the inside out. I feed my body and my soul nourishing foods. I am rested and full of energy. My body loves me because I love my body.

    Use your imagination and make your goals your reality!

    To Wrap Up...

    I hope these recommendations help you get your 2020 off to an amazing start whether you are starting a Whole30, or just embarking on a more healthy lifestyle!


    Jaclyn, thank you so much for these awesome tips to changing our thoughts to match our goals. Just reading them has us feeling more confident already. To soak in more of your contagious enthusiasm, please let everyone know where they can find you!

    You can find me at @mindbodysoulandsparkles on IG/FB or on my website www.mindbodysoulandsparkles.com

    You can also reach me by email at mindbodysoulandsparkles@gmail.com


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