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5 Foolproof Ways to Beat Burnout Halfway Through Whole30

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With Whole30 Certified Coach, Jaclyn Sanguinetti

Model Meals is a Whole30 Approved Meal Delivery Service


Hi Jaclyn! Thank you so much for being with us and sharing your coaching tips for keeping things interesting. While we know a little bit about you, tell us how you started your Whole30 journey and ultimately became a coach.

Growing up I was really overweight. I come from an Italian family and food was and is always a big deal.  Right after I graduated high school I decided I wanted more for myself. I went and got a gym membership and started working out. I felt desperate to get the weight off and, like everyone else, I was looking for the quickest fix and the journey began.

By the time I turned 30 I started having a lot of issues. I was “in shape” and at a relatively healthy weight, but my hands and joints hurt,  I had frequent stomach aches, and low energy. I knew this wasn't normal. My doctor did conventional standard tests and found mild allergies but nothing huge. I decided I had to be my own advocate and I went into research mode. 

 By 2014 I was completely gluten, soy, and dairy free. Then I heard about the Whole30. I thought to myself, “I don't really think I need this because I'm basically already doing it.” The truth was I was still having a lot of gluten-free grains.  I decided it was only 30 days, what did I have to lose? Well, that 30 days turned into 100 and the question turned in to "what do I have to gain?" The answer to that was everything! Becoming more paleo opened my eyes to a whole new world of healing. 

Whole30 Certified Coach, Jaclyn SanguinettiLet me tell you, when you are looking and feeling good everyone wants to know, "what is she doing?" and, "can she help me do the same thing?”  This is what eventually brought me to coaching. I was coaching so many people informally and thought maybe I could turn this into a real side gig. As I coached more people I realized that I also wanted a more mind, body, and soul approach with my clients. It became really important to me to focus on what they are thinking and feeling, not just what they are eating, in order to help them be more successful. So, I made the decision to become a certified life coach. About a year after that, Whole30 launched their coaching program. I swear, the universe works in amazing ways. I had so many people telling me, “this is perfect for you!”

 I became a Whole30 Certified Coach in 2018. Now I coach people in all areas of their life. When it comes to starting a new healthy lifestyle, I almost always recommend for them to start with a Whole30 because as we have learned, it starts with food.  This serves as a way to reset their body and change their relationship with food. 

You’re giving us your tips about the best strategies to avoid burnout in the middle of Whole30. What do you suggest we do to really rock the last two weeks?

We have all been there before: we start a new lifestyle or plan, go all in the first few weeks, but after about two weeks we start to get a little bored. Maybe we are tired of cooking or tired of eating the same things. Or maybe we are missing our old lifestyle because it seems easier, familiar, or just more fun.

I have found from my own experience, as well as coaching so many people through Whole30, that week two and beyond is where shaking things up is key! We still have two weeks to go plus reintroduction and a lifetime of healthier habits after the program ends. Keeping things fresh is essential to making this not only last the duration of the 30 days but making new healthy habits sustainable.

Here are some ways to make your new lifestyle feel easy and fun:

  1.     Get Saucy and Spicy

Find new ways to spice up your life! Fun fact: my first Whole30 was soooo long ago (2014) that most of these Whole30 Approved products didn’t even exist. We have come very far, so you should utilize these things. There are so many great Whole30  bottled sauces, spices, and dressings available or you can easily make your own. Use these condiments to change up your flavors as often as possible.

Whole30 Certified Coach, Jaclyn Sanguinetti Showing Us Her Favorite Whole30 Approved Sauces

My favorites are The New Primal BBQ Sauce, any of The New Primal dressings, and Primal Palate seasonings. 

  1.     Try a New Cookbook or Recipe

 Sick of thinking of what to make? We can stop thinking about it and let a Whole30 blogger, coach, or cookbook author do it for us. There are so many resources out there that we don’t ever have to create a recipe ourselves unless we want to. 

My favorite resources are The Whole Smiths cookbook, the Whole30 Recipes account on Instagram, and recipe bloggers like Living Loving Paleo, Just Jesse B, and  Little Bits of Real Food. A lot of Whole30 Coaches also post a lot of great recipes on Instagram. Find a list of all the Whole30 Certified Coaches here


  1.     Use a Meal Delivery Service 

When all else fails and we just want or need it done for us, there are Whole30 Approved restaurants and meal delivery services to help give us a break from shopping, cooking, and dishes. 

My personal favorite is Model Meals because not only are their meals Whole30 Approved and delicious, they are also very mindful of sourcing high quality ingredients. The produce, poultry, seafood, and meat are all from responsible suppliers so you can feel good about eating their products. 


  1.     Find Fun Ways to Stay Hydrated

Try making a mocktail with sparkling water! Use fruit and mint to make a refreshing sparkling drink. Some other fun combos are mint and basil, berries and lemon, etc. Practice some creativity to find your favorites.

My favorite sparkling water to drink is Waterloo.

  1.     Plan a Whole30 Dinner Party

This is one of my favorites because it allows us to share our new lifestyle with others. Grab some friends or family members and make a few yummy dishes for your dinner together.  After they taste your amazing food, they may even be interested in trying a Whole30 themselves! “Breaking bread,” or in this case cauliflower rice, is all about connecting with our community. This experience can help us feel supported and loved during our Whole30 journey.

I hope these 5 tips help keep your Whole30 full of fun and sparkles!

Whole30 Certified Coach, Jaclyn Sanguinetti

Those are some great tips and we can definitely see ourselves using them when things get tough. Is there anything else that you’d like to share with the Model Meals/Whole30 community that you think would be helpful?

Trust the process! It is designed this way for a reason. When followed, it is a surefire way to start a road to success and a new lifestyle!  I know you are going to finish strong and feel so proud, healthy, and amazing!

Jaclyn, thanks again for sharing all of these words of wisdom with us. Please let everyone know where they can find you! 

You can find me at @mindbodysoulandsparkles on IG/FB or on my website www.mindbodysoulandsparkles.com

You can also reach me by email at mindbodysoulandsparkles@gmail.com

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