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10 Body Positive Tips and Resources with Model Meals CEO, Danika Brysha

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Curve Model, Self-Care Advocate, And Model Meals CEO Danika Brysha


Danika found her own natural healing by adopting a wellness-minded approach to life and personal growth. A recovered bulimic, binge eater, and food/sugar addict, Danika turned her worst enemy (food) into her most powerful medicine. Fed up with the effects that prescription pills, drug/alcohol abuse, and processed foods were having on herself and the people she loved, she was committed to finding a better solution to being her absolute best. Here she's sharing some suggestions that you can put into practice to further your own self-love journey.

Summer brings warmer weather and along with it, societal pressures to have that "perfect summer body." As an advocate for self-care and body acceptance, our CEO and Founder Danika Brysha is sharing her 10 Tips for Body Positivity and Self Love, along with her top two books to help expand your relationship with yourself and move into a place of love.


1. Adjust your media consumption
  • Pay attention to who you are following on social media and how they make you feel; Where are you comparing yourself?
2. Find the positive things in your healthy habits that aren’t just related to your body
  • Examples: Working out gives me more energy. Eating Whole Foods clears my mental fog.
    3. Remember that everyone is not thinking about you
      4. Affirmations 
      • Examples: I am enough, I am worthy, I carry nothing that does not serve me.
        5. Practice service
        • I’ve found that often when I’m obsessing about my body it’s because I’m stuck in it and not out in the world helping others. When you are feeling down on yourself, think about how you can put your energy into supporting someone else.

        Plus Size Model, Self-Care Expert, and Model Meals CEO Danika Brysha

          6. Gratitude
          • Make a list of gratitude for your body or write a love note to your body for all it has carried you through.
            7. Self-love comes from self-care
            • Take actions that affirm to your body that you are worth taking care of. Getting enough sleep, movement that feels good to you, foods that help you thrive, eliminating stress
              8. Set goals based on how you want to feel
              • We all get 24 hours in a day, so why not use those hours to your benefit? Small strategies like scheduling time for self-care, bonding with friends, or meal prepping can save you hours and energy, allowing you the luxury of feeling less stressed and rushed. Know you have a deadline coming up or an event in the next few weeks? Set aside a predetermined amount of time to practice that speech, work on that proposal, or simply meditate. Your clarity, focus, and freedom will increase with each time-saving act.
                9. Focus on mindfulness
                • Diet culture has taught us that our bodies can’t be trusted to guide us to what’s best for us. The more we practice mindfulness - meditation, presence, feeling our feelings, tasting our food, the more we can respect the signals and signs that our body is giving us.
                  10. Find beauty and trust that we’re all different
                  • What works for one person doesn’t work for everyone. There is not right way of doing things and no one way that will work for you forever. Black and white can be good and so can total freedom.
                  Here are two books that Danika loves and recommends for anyone looking to enrich their relationship with food, their body, and self-care.

                  Women Food and God by Geneen Roth 

                  The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte

                  For more inspiration and guidance, connect with Danika on Instagram

                  Did you love these tips? What has helped you on your personal journey of self-love? Tell us in the comments! We'd love to know.


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